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CCD color camera the main technical indicators

Author:mintton Date:2010-5-15 22:26:31
(1) CCD size, the camera is the target surface. Most of the original 1 / 2 inches, 1 / 3 inches has been universal, and 1 / 4-inch and 1 / 5 inches has been commercialized.
(2) CCD pixels, CCD is the main performance indicator, it decided to demonstrate the clarity of images, The higher the resolution, image details the better the performance. CCD array of photosensitive elements, each one of the elements known as pixels, the more pixels, the images. Most of the market now to 250,000 and 380,000 pixels for the demarcation of 380,000 pixels more for the high-definition cameras.
(3) horizontal resolution. Color Camera resolution is typical of the 320 to 500 TV lines between the main lines 330, 380 lines, Line 420, Line 460, Line 500 different grades. Resolution of electricity sight (Line TV LINES) said, Color cameras in the resolution 330 ~ 500 Line. And the resolution of the CCD camera and, with camera circuit channel bandwidth directly related, usually a pattern MHz of bandwidth equivalent to 80 lines for clarity. The more wide bandwidth, the more clear image, the greater the relative numerical line.
(4) the minimum illumination, also known as sensitivity. CCD is the right ambient light sensitivity, or the normal CCD imaging is required when the dark lighting. Illumination units are D?llekes (LUX), the smaller the value, expressed the need for less light, the camera has become more sensitive. Moon and Star-growing high-sensitivity cameras can work in a very dark conditions, two-3lux general illumination. now they have less than 1 lux camera advent of the ordinary.
(5) Scan modulation. With NTSC and PAL system market.
(6) Power cameras. Exchanges 220 V, 110 V, 24 V, 12 V DC or 9V.
(7) signal-to-noise ratio. Typical values of 46 db, in the case of a 50 db, images of a small amount of noise, but good image quality; If 60 db. Image quality is excellent, there is no noise.
(8) video output. More of a Vp-p, 75 Ω, adopted BNC connector.
(9) the camera installation method. C and CS, the two different is it is different from the photosensitive