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What Is Car Black Box?

Author:carblackbox Date:2012-6-4 19:33:53
What Is Car Black Box?
Car Black Box is installed to the vehicle’s windshield to record actual events or accidents for later review. Similar to the recording devices used on aircraft for years, Car Black Box provides continuous, digital recording to a secure SD card. Built in G-Force sensor monitors acceleration, braking and sharp turns, while a GPS marking chip precisely tracks the vehicle’s location and stores it while driving. Accidents will be automatically saved (before and after) so they cannot be overwritten. The driver can also select events to save for future review.
When using the provided software to review the stored data, the vehicle’s location will be indicated on a street map, and the vehicles acceleration, braking and left/right turning forces will be displayed. The video recording, along with the location and performance data, can be invaluable in driver training and monitoring, and will provide an accurate record of any accidents or events, possibly saving the company thousands of dollars in litigation payouts.
Main Features of Car Black Box
Hi Quality Video Recording
1.3 megapixel resolution lens and 24 frames/second recording rate provides a sharp and smooth playback. 120 degree viewing angle gives maximum view
Secure SD Card Storage
Included SD card provides hours of continuous loop recording. SD card of up to 32GB are supported for even more recording time. 18MB file size for high-resolution playback using provided proprietary software
Multiple Recording Modes
System begins recording automatically when vehicle is started and will provide continuous loop recording. The built-in G-force sensor will trigger in the event of an accident, and will save 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after in a file that will saved. The driver can also press the emergency record button and save an event from being recorded over.
Built-in GPS chip precisely locates the vehicle’s location and marks it on the recorded video. This allows the precise location of any accidents or events to be recorded, and provides driving location on a Google Map during video playback. Exact vehicle speed information is also displayed.
G-Force Sensor
Built-in G-Force Sensor records acceleration, braking and turn forces. This provides an accurate record of vehicle behavior, which could prove to be invaluable in an accident situation, and can assist in driver monitoring and training.
12-volt/24-volt Compatible
Dual voltage compatibility for both 12-volt and 24-volt means Car Black Box can be installed in passenger cars/trucks and heavy-duty commercial vehicles without modification. Built-in battery will provide recording even if vehicle’s battery is disconnected.
Monitor Output
Video output can provide instant playback to investigating officers using any monitor with video input, such as in-car video or GPS screens or lap-top computers. This can be a huge differences as to how an accident scene is processed, possibly protecting the company or driver.
Secure Data Storage
Free, proprietary software is provided to play back data stored on the SD card. Password can be set to limit users. Software provides video playback, GPS mapping, vehicle speed and G-force display. Viewer can also search for events, enlarge or shrink image and make photo-printouts.
Report Printing
Software allows for printouts of images and driving data, including location, speed and G-force readings. Year, month, day and time stamping included on print outs.