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CMOS and CCD infrared sensitive to the degree of difference? Photosensitive element which is more suitable for doing infrared Yesha?

Author:mintton Date:2010-5-15 22:34:20


Two photosensitive device from the working principle, we can see that the advantages of CCD imaging quality is good, However, because the manufacturing process complex, only a handful of manufacturers to be able to master and this has resulted in high production costs, especially large CCD, the price is very high. Meanwhile, the past few years, from 300,000 CCD pixels, has been developed to the six million, Pixel has increased to a limit.

In the same resolution, the CMOS prices cheaper than CCD, But the CMOS image quality as compared to CCD run lower. So far, the vast majority of the market-level and high-end consumer digital cameras use CCD sensors; CMOS sensors, as a low-end products used in some camera head, If Which camera manufacturers asking for too much use of the perturbation of CCD sensors, manufacturers will spare no effort to use as a selling point with all the publicity even dubbed the "digital camera" in name. One time, with CCD sensors into people's judgment grade digital cameras in the world.

CMOS image sensor is one of the advantages of the power consumption than the CCD low, CCD to provide outstanding image quality, and pay a price that is higher the power consumption for the charge-transfer smoothly, Noise reduction required by the pressure differential to improve the transmission effect. But CMOS image sensor for each pixel will be converted into the charge voltage, before the inspectors read its amplified using 3.3 V power supply can be driven, power consumption than the CCD low. CMOS image sensor Another advantage is that with the surrounding integrated circuits, ADC can be integrated with signal processors together, the volume significantly reduced, for example, CMOS image sensor only one group power, it takes CCD three or four Power Group, As ADC with signal-processor system with CCD, the CCD Boards to narrow the size is very difficult. But first CMOS image sensors to solve the problem is to reduce the noise generated. future CMOS image sensor can change had long been oppressed CCD fate, future technological development is the key.

CMOS cameras have a CCD camera-no obvious advantages, Its spectral sensitivity in the range of near-infrared than visible light, the sensitivity was increased by 5 ~ 6 times So at night using infrared light emitting diodes as a light source illumination lighting, although human eye is still a dark looks, But CMOS camera able to see very clearly! Thus using CMOS cameras at night more suitable for covert observation.

(Attachment : COMS general micro-cameras equipped with a small fixed focal length lens, Color Camera with 6 general perspective of 52 mm focal length of the small lenses, general black-and-white camera with 3.6 mm focal length of 72 degrees angle of small lenses, could be clearly seen within 20 meters of objects. black-and-white video cameras with night vision are generally function, night vision can be 50 cm distance.)