Car parts increase in cost, hard to find

Car parts increase in cost, hard to find

Cars that need parts repaired or replaced sit broken down in front of Headframes Auto Repair.

"We've got a couple of cars out here," mechanic Bob Carpino said. "Right now, they've been here for over a month. The biggest problem is not so much the shipping stuff, it's just availability of parts.”

After working on cars for over 50 years, Carpino said this continued shortage is unlike any other.

"There's just no reason, you know, especially since we're in (the pandemic) this long," he said.

Although the shortage began back in 2020, Carpino said we can expect it to last through the holidays and even in to 2022.

"People are frustrated," he said. "You know, it's nobody's fault. It's just one of the nature of the beast (when it comes to) availability of parts."

Even if mechanics are able to find the parts, the dramatic increase in pricing may have you saying no.

"A lot of people are fixing their older cars, because the price of new cars is kind of crazy," said Carpino. "So a lot of people are spending a lot of money on some cars. In some cases, the cars aren't even really worth what they're putting into.”

Now, limited supplies and higher costs have everyone cautious, but Carpino noted business remains steady as people have gotten used to the shift in supply and demand.

"I just don't see things changing," said Carpino.